Weird and pop are colliding more than ever these days. When I was growing up, “pop” music was almost synonymous with radio-friendly music and big, catchy choruses. Maybe I was just too young to know about the weird stuff, but lately the genre is branching out into especially strange territory.

Dark, gothic pop might be the latest trend to take off, but independent Japanese artist Fo0d is going in an opposite direction toward bright, synth-heavy pop music armed with melodies that stick. Sounds simple enough, but things aren’t that straightforward. Fo0d’s style is hyper and busy, and the vocals are robotic, glitchy, and mostly incomprehensible. It’s weird stuff, but it fits nicely into a genre that’s embracing the eccentric.

Fo0d – “KISS”

Fo0d – “Amusement”

If you like what you hear, download Fo0d’s entire Amusement Music album here.