After lead single “She”–an eerie slow burning take on blue eyed soul–singer Bryan Ellis drops off his debut EP, Cloud of Unknowing. Over the course of 34 minutes, Bryan runs through a variety sounds and styles, weaving crisp, haunted vocals over production that blends elements of soul, hip-hop, rock, and dubstep. And if the sounds don’t grab you, perhaps the unusual backstory will:

His music is that of unfulfilled dreams and realizing dreams. His story is one of sacrifice. Sacrifice for his craft that put him in many different cities in a years time. San Francisco, Atlanta, New York. West, South, and East. Homes to many different musical influences. A musical transient, literally and figuratively. Traveling with his savings in his pocket, belongings in a backpack, and music on his laptop Bryan traveled to New York. Years of his written life in his backpack hoping someone would realize its worth. Someone did on his first night in New York and they robbed him of it and everything he’d owned – all his money and all his music.

So again he lived in the moment. The streets of New York became his job and his home…until it opened an opportunity at a major music studio which then became Bryan’s true home. He slept on a futon in a spare studio room and spent all his spare time developing himself as an artist and writing songs with T.C. Love, who is now his creative partner for over 6 years. After several years of being “beautifully beaten down by the city”, a near-miraculous course of events landed Bryan a song writing deal. Bryan and T.C. Love’s creative collaborations finally took full shape when T.C. signed him to a joint production deal along with Title 9, which materialized into a record deal with Universal Republic Records.

Stream and download Cloud of Unknowing below.