Sole‘s version of a “summer anthem,” in case you get sick of those songs about bitches, designers, bottles, etc. Just in case. Here’s the explanation:

“Young sole” is the lead single from sole’s upcoming release, A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing. Produced by Canadian super producer Factor, “Young Sole” is a shit talking summer anthem that lays the sonic and ideological foundation for the album. “Enough with the fucking fashion show, say something real… life is too short to kiss rings,” and “10,000 years from now they’re gonna dig us up, and say no wonder these cats went extinct” sums up sole to a T. The world is still on fire, the fire is spreading, and sole is bringing the kerosene.

Although sole has been railing against everything anti-human for over a decade, his anti-capitalist, anarchistic worldview has been emboldened by his involvement with the occupy movement. A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing, is the title of a Marx Essay, stressing that the critique needed to extend beyond the economy, to the roots of ideology itself and beyond. A.R.C.O.E.E. takes that discussion to heart.

It is sole’s first solo album since “Live From Rome” was released almost 7 years ago. After the critical success of “Hello Cruel World,” and the Nuclear Winter series, sole has honed his song writing to strike the perfect balance between social commentary, humor, and far-left-rap anthems. In 2010 sole left the anticon label he founded in 1998, citing “ideological business differences.” Since then, he has re-released his music on his black canyon label and played a central role with the new indie music powerhouse Fake Four Inc. A.R.C.O.E.E. continues to push the mainstream rap aesthetic into more uncharted, unpredictable, & unconventional territory. This album is slated for release in October and is being funded via kickstarter. preorder/kickstart here.