NPR is at it again. This time they’re offering preview streams of two of this summer’s most highly anticipated electro-pop albums. Right now you can hear Passion Pit‘s Gossamer, and Purity Ring‘s Shrines, more than a full week ahead of their scheduled release date on July 24th.

Gossamer is the long awaited follow-up to Passion Pit’s 2009 debut, Manners. Our first taste of the new LP came by way of “Take A Walk,” an upbeat tune rich with the group’s signature frantic pop sound. Conversely we heard a more relaxed R&B vibe from their most recent teaser record “Constant Conversations.” This combination has us very excited to dig into the whole album, which you can do here.

Purity Ring are clearly not fucking around. The future pop duo have been on a serious roll in 2012 releasing a small collection of singles including “Shrines,” which came in at #3 on our list of the Best Songs of 2012, So Far. Their performance at this past weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival was on point and early access to their entire debut album will give everyone else a chance to hear what those in Chicago were able to experience on Friday. Have a listen to Shrines here.