Chaz Van Queen is back with his sophomore album titled A:)4U. Been a long time in the making! Last time we had Chaz on P&P was for his video “Do You Like It?” which was back in October. Anyway, the LP is finally hear for all to enjoy. Free stream below & you can name your price to download it via bandcamp.

Check below to see what the man behind the music had to say about the album himself.


“My sound has a taste… and no, I don’t mean expensive taste. It’s full bodied, It’s crisp, and most importantly it’s inviting.
People can hear integrity. I entertain thoroughly, and maintain honesty” – Chaz Van Queen

About the album
A:)4U  thrives with seasoned, captivating backdrops, that fluently blend musicianship, sampling, and electronic production. Whether it’s the nostalgic, feel good hip hop of “Summer Girlfriends“, the rhythmic soul trance of “Think Twice“,  or the spellbinding spacey knock of “Everybody Hi“. Surprisingly there is west coast influence in the later.

The songwriting is meticulous yet free spirited with well placed humor. Formalities are broken as Chaz blends credible rapping and realsinging. The standout vocal performance of Bring Your Smile is Stevie Wonder-like, while is rap performance on the 1st single “Do You Like It” is reminiscent of an early 90’s Slick Rick.