Four Tet‘s new album, Pink, is more of a compilation than an album. For anyone who’s been following the electronic veteran closely, it’s more of an odds and ends collection of everything he’s released for vinyl only, out now digitally to spread to the masses. While the record is primarily obscure cuts from his discography, it does include two new songs. Both tracks are on the minimal side, stretching out to 9 and 11 minute running times respectively, and focusing on gradual progressions and intricate buildups. “Lion” is dark and stuttering, paranoia for the club, while “Peace On Earth” is appropriately airy and pretty and sounds like it was made here. Check out both new songs below, and then go back, click that ┬álink and spend the rest of the day there. Pink is out now, and available for purchase on Boomkat.

(The Fader)