Buzzed about Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul and production duo Supreme Cuts team up for a darkly atmospheric affair on new mixtape Chrome Lips. The trio previously connected on Maul’s debut Oxyconteen EP in June, with SC’s deep, brooding production providing the perfect palette for the grim worldview so sharply espoused by the 16-year-old rapper. One look at the eerie cover of Chrome Lips should give you a proper primer for what your ears should expect. Stream and download Chrome Lips below.

DOWNLOAD: Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – Chrome Lips

Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – Chrome Lips

01. Ulrik (Intro)
02. The Dummy (ft. Deniro Ferrar)
03. Chrome Lips
04. Gully
05. Roll With Me (ft. Tree and Wise Blood)
06. Come With Me (Skit) (ft. Jimmy91sex)
07. M00n
08. Simon Sayz (ft. Showyousuck)
09. Testify (ft. Kool AD and Shady Blaze)
10. Smoke Tires (ft. Issue)
11. Nightmare Ku$h (ft. MondreMAN and Yen Tech)
12. Exorcism (Skit)
13. Yurple Von Sherm (ft. Diamond Antoinette)
14. Ball (skit) (ft. Tree)
15. Hoverboard (ft. Squadda B)
16. NGE (Skit)
17. Jupiter