Even as summer comes to an end, you can never have quite enough music for sunny playlists and day drinking (if that’s your sort of thing). Luckily, new band Louis Friend‘s got you covered with the anthemic synth-rock of “Evolver.” Before you dive in, a bit of history about the trio and the members’ approach to music:

“Louis Friend is Nicholas Ruth, Kenneth Oak and Edward Gorski. The collaboration occurred in typical Hollywood fashion with the three meeting at a music supervisor party in East Los Angeles. From the outset the group decided not to assign a definitive role to any member. This atypical approach to band dynamics has fostered an intensely creative writing atmosphere. With 3 lead singers/multi-instrumentalists, Louis Friend melds 80’s inspired synths with an endless arsenal of acoustic instruments and memorable hooks to create a unique brand of electro indie rock.”

Stream and download “Evolver” below and be on the lookout for Louis Friend’s debut EP, coming soon.

Louis Friend – “Evolver”