Precision. Care. Attention to detail. In a world where anyone can pirate a copy of Pro Tools and start the road to stardom, complete internet anonymity, or the increasingly undefinable land the lies between, it’s common to come across tracks that feel utterly tossed off, completed with a deficit of discrimination in taste, choices, and thought. Well, nothing says “we are extremely precise” like restoring a 200-year-old barn to record your album. Which is exactly what British band Fun Adults did:

The band have spent the summer renovating a 200-year-old barn into a studio, where they wrote, recorded and produced [“Sap Solid”], alongside friend and producer Tom Howe.

With a product like “Sap Solid”–which combines a lilting, memorable melody with crisp percussion to enhance the pretty ache–perhaps more bands should find themselves barns to restore. Check out “Sap Solid” below.

(The Fader)