Purity Ring‘s Shrines is one of the most uniquely excellent albums of the year. Taking a dark, gothic tone and applying it to extremely catchy pop, the group has earned a spot as a frontrunner in a new wave of pop that isn’t all sugar and sunshine. One of the things that Purity Ring does better than anyone else is the inclusion of a hip-hop sensibility into this dark pop sound. If you strip away the ethereal vocals and hummable melodies, this becomes a lot more obvious.

T.Shirt‘s sound is rooted in classic New York hip-hop, but he’s never been one to recycle or become stagnant. With each project he’s exploring new territory and looking for creative ways to push himself and listeners. For his latest project, he’s hijacked Purity Rings’ Shrines and made it into a 15-minute mixtape of his own. Stream the whole thing and download it (in individual tracks) below.