On Fridays we generally like to offer aggressive, ratchet ass tracks to get the P&P readership all jazzed up and ready for another weekend. There will no doubt be plenty of that coming down the pipe later on today, but until then we’re hoping to ease you through the morning with this premiere of Astronauts, etc.‘s new single, “Chemistry.”

Proceeding in a similar direction as previously released efforts like “Mystery Colors,” and the Supermelodic Pulp EP, “Chemistry” carries a very calm and dulcet tone. Solo band member Anthony Ferraro operates very well in this lane and with today’s release gives us a little taste of what we can expect on his next EP, Electric Slow System, which should release before the end of this year.

If you’re in the San Francisco area and interested in seeing Astronauts, etc. perform, he will be opening up for Ultraista (Nigel Godrich’s band, producer for Radiohead) this coming Monday, October 22nd at The Independent.