Here at P&P, we’ve been supportive of DJ Carnage. Being talented is above all else the key, but when you have an engaging personality, especially one that leans more towards the quirky side of things, you earn a special places among the crowd of entertainers. When we spoke with him last month, we had heard that Borgore’s next release was going to feature a track with Carnage. It made perfect sense: both Borgore and Carnage are walking to the beat of their own drum, giving the world their distinct takes on EDM.

Borgore has championed the once-negative “Borgore ruined dubstep” line into a mantra of his own, and has been doing quite well for himself operating outside of the regular EDM scene, while Carnage has been taking his trapstep ideal and applying the trap sound within an EDM mindset. These two linking up and making “Turn Up” feels like something that was bound to happen, but almost didn’t. And it’s a departure for both of them – it’s a true blend of Borgore’s noisey aesthetic and Carnage’s trap mentality. The result ends up being a huge rave anthem that hits you dead in the chest. Throw your hands up and let this one wash over you, then head on over to Beatport and grab it.