Fryars is the musical project of 22 year old Benjamin Garrett, who released the strong Ides EP in 2007, and a fantastic debut album of off-kilter electronic pop called Dark Young Hearts in 2009. Featuring the fantastically catchy, but lyrically bizarre “Lakehouse,” the creepily upbeat “The Ides,” and whole host of other great songs, the album is really worth a look for fans of bands like Yeasayer, or really anyone with a passing interest in experimental electronic-pop.

After far too long a hiatus, Mr Garrett is finally back with some new music, in the form of the haunting “Love So Cold,” a dark and depressing ode to loneliness that makes use of auto-tune and a softly glitchy electronic backdrop to create a ghostly atmosphere. Listen to and download the song below, and beneath that check out the “Love So Cold” artwork which was created by Davy Evans, who also had a hand in The xx‘s recent Coexist cover.