The image that Rick Ross has created for himself is so over-the-top that the shit gets comical. Like when he said the real Noriega owes him a hundred favors. We laugh, but then, like a knee-jerk reaction, we yell, “BAWSE!” We’ve been conditioned to accept and even embrace some (absurd) level of exaggeration by entertainers because if they were really “just like us” they would be no more entertaining than our reflections.

In recent years, a weird phenomenon has become a prevalent part of our culture, especially in entertainment: trolling. Things have been taken to such a lovable extreme that there’s this thin, confusing line being drawn between completely ridiculous stupidity and hilarious, strategic fuckery. Ask Lil B and Riff Raff—they know exactly where this line exists.

For his latest mixtape cover, Rick Ross has gone with this lovely piece of work above. Is Rick Ross finally full-blown trolling? The name and design alone suggest maybe not, but check out the serious look on his face, the pinky ring, the fur hood. A thin line, indeed, and Ross’ bloated, tattooed, jewelry-laden body may be balancing on it perfectly.

Is this funny, laugh-out-loud (LOL) trolling or just plain stupid? Is it offensive? If Ross is going to troll so hard, can he drop the whole “I am a drug lord” thing? Is his drug lord thing part of his trolling?