We’ve been getting some bits from Zilla Rocca over the last couple of months, all seemingly in preparation for this Party With Villains EP, another chapter in the noir-hop stylings of the Philly emcee. Aligning with the usual suspects (Curly Castro, Has-Lo, Small Professor, Mally, Nex Millen and others), Rocca spins a number of captivating tales from the mind of a blue collar culprit, forever scheming to put food on the table. Take the cut “Nothing In The Bank” as an example of the ethos this release speaks from, although that’s not it’s only track. As Zilla noted:

The noir hop originator Zilla Rocca returns with “Party With Villains EP”, a good, swift, and violent seven track release inspired by crimes and criminals of Philadelphia (“Ron Previte”), pop culture (“Clay Davis”), and athletics (“The Q and the A”).

“Party With Villains” means smiling at the friendly wolves who just might nip at your neck tomorrow.

For those who might have been hearing Zilla’s name, this is a great jumping on point for those who might be intrigued by his cipher.