When we last visited Flosstradamus’ X saga, they had come into some issues with the distribution of their X EP via twitter. While the Internet was set ablaze by fans downloading and loving the EP, they got into a couple of back and forths via twitter over the question of the producers they sampled. If you checked the tracks out, the all had a similar formula: taking a massive hardstyle track and flipping it into a Trap tune. And it worked. Showtek was one of the hardstyle producers sampled and was upset about what they perceived as a rip-off of their music:



You’d think in 2012 producers would know the difference between outright stealing and sampling/remixing a track. None of what Flosstradamus did on X was with malice – hell, it’s more homage than anything. Still, it looks like they wanted to avoid any more twitter rants from producers, as with the release of the X EP2 today, they included the names of the sampled artists as being featured on the tracks, which is what Headhunterz, one of the artists sampled on X EP2, asked for:


Will this be enough to get Flosstradamus out of hot water? Did Flosstradamus just sample these tracks without giving proper credit, or are they remixes? If you consider it a sample, and the tracks are released freely, how much of a credit should they give the original artist? Is including the producers as “features” on the MP3 tags enough? Ultimately, with Flosstradamus seemingly on the cusp of hitting that next step in their career, does a dust-up like this hurt or help them? Or does it not even matter in the grand scheme of things? Just some things to ponder while you’re grabbing X EP2, which is available for the price of a tweet.