Our world makes precious little sense. When you’re young, you ask deep, probing questions. Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from? Is there a God? At a certain point in our quest for truth, we hit roadblocks so massive, so stumble-inducing, that we have to realign our skulls and think all the questions over. MIT developer Paul Lamere has created The Infinite Jukebox, a web app that allows you to play any song on infinite loop. It doesn’t stop there, though, as Co.Create describes:

“The graph turned into an organic, circular visualization for the Infinite Jukebox. Rather than mimicking a music program’s visualizer–more of a screensaver-like parlor trick that tends to bump and fold vaguely along with the groove–the Infinite Jukebox’s colorful visuals display what’s happening behind the scenes. Instead of listening to an endless song and being mystified, users can detect how it works. “I wanted to show what the program was thinking as it was playing the song, so you could see where it might transition,” Lamere says. “The side effect is that different types of music have very different visualizations.” In tandem with the visualization, users can control the tempo with their keyboards as well as hold the song on a single beat.”

The full article at Co.Create details some of the Infinite Jukebox’s intriguing intricacies, hinting at a program that could have tremendous potential altering the way we analyze (“‘The program looks for this acoustic similarity in the beat level, and certain types of music–especially dance music, dubstep, pop music–those are really easy,’ Lamere says.”) and listen to music.

But that’s not what’s important here. What’s important you ask? You can now bring your brain to a screeching halt by playing “Gangnam Style” ON INFINITE MOTHERFUCKING LOOP. Go ahead, ruin your co-workers’ lives and whatever braincells you have left.