As we move into 2013, scenes like the whole EDM Trap movement are seemingly at a crossroads. Sure, it can be classified as crudely as EDM producers making southern rap tracks. Like any genre, the core will always be the core, but for it to grow, you need some kind of experimentation and exploration on the initial themes, to not only bring in new ears but show that the sound has legs and isn’t a one-trick pony. Producers like Baauer, Flosstradamus, Branchez, and others are repping their influences and really putting a new spin on the sound, and this forthcoming Favela Trap project from DJ Comrade is another step in that direction.

It would be pretty simple for anyone to sample Baile Funk (a scene from Brazil that many might’ve heard about from Diplo when he was really starting to catch fire) tracks and throw some 808s under it. It’s something else entirely for a producer to either secure approval for remixes or, even better, get the best from the Baile Funk scene to record original tunes over their production! Comrade’s done both, and the XÃO Productions crew recently dropped a sampler of his Favela Trap album, which is set to be released on December 12th.The sounds work perfectly together, as the natural danceability of the Baile Funk sound has no choice but to ride the Trap wave once those drums come out.

Give this one a thorough listen, then come back around December 12th for some special treats from this explosive project.



1. Querendo Me Dar – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Creu
2. Safado Montagem – By Dj Comrade
3. Molhadinha – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Ialy
4. Ratatata – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Doriva
5. Mulherada – By Dj Comrade
6. Maceta Remix – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Fernandinha
7. Bunda Bounce – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Maiquinho & Trez
8. Nos e’ Rico – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Vakao
9. Fala Verdade – By Dj Comrade Ft. Cesar Do Castro
10. Felicidade Remix – By Dj Comrade ft. Mc Cidinho **(Bonus Track – Not on the Official Release)**
11. Suruba – By Dj Comrade Ft. Mc Gus
12. Cyclone – By Dj Comrade
13. R.B.T.S. – By Dj Comrade