Since the summer, Kami de Chukwu‘s become a P&P regular; tracks like “Savior” (from his upcoming EP Letters From the Villa¬†with Joey Purp) should provide an explanation for his continued presence around these parts. Over an all-too-brief two minutes, supported an ethereal beat (produced by frequent collaborator III),¬†Kami unravels his intricate flow–a cascade of rhythmic complexities and stacked syllables wrapped around the unusual images and impassioned vocals–with no chorus, no attempts at catchy trend-bait. Straight rapping.

Check out Kami’s “Savior,” a part of his SAVEMONEY crew’s #ASAVEMONEYTHANKSGIVING–which Kami describes as “a meet and greet type event at LDRS in Chicago where we’re raising canned food for the homeless and selling tickets to our show on Saturday Nov. 24 at the Vic Theater in Chicago.” Also, watch a teaser for Kami’s upcoming video, “Ig’Nant,” below.