Earlier today, we gave you the latest news on AraabMuzik‘s next album. We’re not sure if that triggered the beef that has Adam K simmering over Araab’s “Streetz Tonight,” but the timing might not be the best for young MPC wizard.

If you remember AraabMuzik’s Electronic Dream¬†from the summer of 2011, you will remember how he blended EDM samples from a plethora of artists into his own sound, coming up with some intriguing tracks, similar to what Flosstradamus was doing with their X series. And just like Flosstradamus, AraabMuzik is catching flack from EDM producers over these samples. On “Streetz Tonight,” AraabMuzik samples “4AM,” a track by Kaskade that Adam K and Soha remixed. Who knows if Adam K had known about this overlap previously, or if he just chose to open up about it via Facebook today, but he went on a rant (which you can see below), where he even assembled his FB followers to storm Araab’s Facebook page, calling him a “plagiarist” (among other taunts), even going so far to say that Ultra Music (the label that released “4AM”) would be filing a lawsuit.

If you peruse the Wikipedia page on Electronic Dream, it plainly lists samples used on the album tracks. And his album WAS released on iTunes, so either Araab got the clearance for all of these samples and Adam K was just unaware, or Araab has brass balls and no cares when it comes to this.

At the time of this writing, there’s been no response from AraabMuzik regarding Adam K’s claims. We’ve assembled Adam’s FB comments on this situation, as well as streams for both the “4AM” remix and “Streetz Tonight.” Hopefully this won’t deter in the release of Araab’s next project.

UPDATE Oddly enough, Billboard’s piece on AraabMuzik’s forthcoming material revealed that Ultra signed Araab, and would be releasing his remix album in 2013. The plot thickens?