Out of the dozens of e-dubble songs we’ve heard over the years, we can count the times he’s collaborated with other artists on one hand. That’s a rare thing to say about a rapper/producer in 2012, but e-dubble is not your typical producer, and he’s certainly not your typical rapper. He’s white, close to 7 feet tall, and while mainstream hip-hop seems to be splitting off in a few different popular directions, e-dubble remains on the path he’s been on from the beginning, more defiant with each release. It’s starting to pay off.

e-dub’s newest release, the Reset EP, is his most popular yet, climbing the iTunes charts, racking up YouTube views, and continuing the snowball effect that drives growth in his fan base. Here’s what e-dubble said about being embraced despite being atypical in so many ways:

“For the brash and braggadocious popularity contest that can be the music industry, I think the hip-hop community is actually pretty accepting of the creative oddball. I think I’d put myself in that category and I’m cool with that. My thought and hope is that I’m pretty well rounded and that my music is relatable because it reflects that. It’s a nice place to be because there are no limits to your creativity when your fans value emotion & honesty.”

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