Perfect way to celebrate a Friday. Katy B‘s music has helped bring some life, soul, and personality to the dark, male-dominated grime and dubstep circles, with her star-making turns over tracks from Skream and Benga. Since her emergence on the scene, she’s shone on her own, with On A Mission taking the world by storm when it dropped via Rinse/Columbia.

For her next trick, she dropped a free EP today, Danger, that sticks true to the club-ready anthems that she’s known for penning. The tracklist is star-studded, with the likes of Diplo, Zinc, Wiley, Jessie Ware’s, Jacques Greene, Iggy Azalea, and Rinse-head Geeneus all contributing on the EP’s four tracks. If you got paid today, or are just happy you can afford a drink at your favorite watering hole with your closest friends, this could be the soundtrack to tonight’s magic.