While you’re all making your “year-end” lists and trying to include a definitive EP for the Trap sound within EDM, look no further. Heroes X Villains is pretty certified within the genre, and that’s past a bonafied Trap-A-Holics stamp on the cover. HxV has been in Atlanta merging the sounds of EDM and rap before this Trap movement really came to a head, but even before that, the work as an engineer for Grand Hustle, and the years spent mixing and producing drum & bass has all led to now.

Over four tracks, you get a proper education in how to blend these two distinct sounds. It makes sense that someone who’s lived and helped stamp this is the one to show the legions of budding producers how it’s truly done. We already featured “Original Choppaz,” and it’s great to hear that the masterpiece doesn’t end there. It’s passed hip-hop producers making EDM-centric beats. There’s a proper understanding of what works sonically, as well as what would work on the dancefloor, that really makes this release something more than “four Trap-sounding tracks.” Cutting edge. 2013 should be a glorious year for you Trap-loving people out there.


UPDATE The “No DJ” version of this EP is available for download.