We might have to add Ohio’s Pretty Heart (aka Morgan Hollinger) to our list of artists to watch in 2013.

Though she’s yet to make a big splash on the blogs, it’s hard to imagine she’ll remain a secret for long if songs like “Toy” are any indicator of her capabilities. It’s the sound of the moment without the pretense or naked ambition to be a part¬†of the moment, a seemingly earnest and engaging statement from a talented (and prolific) vocalist. It lurches and floats along, built around ethereal pitched down wails–like Clams Casino was tinkering in the background. Halfway through, “Toy”¬†swells to a satisfying, beat-driven second act, delivering variety and cohesion in one neat package. It feels longer than its four minute run time in the best way possible as Hollinger’s voice softly soars, inviting without overpowering.

While it doesn’t sound like she’s quite hit on her full potential (she’s only 20 years-old, after all), Pretty Heart is certainly worth paying attention to in the new year.

(Crack in the Road)