This year has had its low points. Lykke Li got engaged, Lindsay Lohan couldn’t catch a break, world issues, other things. But there were positives, too. Like, for instance when Lil B’s cat made a song.

Today, the subject line in my inbox read: “First Ever Animal Noise-Only Hip Hop Album.”

“Finally,” I whispered to my pet fish.

It’s not that 2012 was a terrible year for music. We had plenty exciting acts, styles, and scenes emerging, a few albums that we’ll probably love forever, and too many good singles to keep up with. Still, as we approach 2013 it felt like something was missing. If you had asked me yesterday what that something is, I’d have no idea. Then I got this email. “A-ha!”

The world needed this album. It is made of only animal sounds, so you know it’s good. The genius behind this project explains: “Hello, my name is TD Cruze and I am a 20 year old hip-hop producer from Valdosta, Georgia. I thought you’d like to know that I just released the first ever instrumental hip-hop album that contains no instruments – just animal noises.”

You can download the whole thing here. See which animal sounds were used for each track below:

Track 1 – Vocals: Lyre Bird, Frog, Lion, Crocodile, Turtle / Percussion : Elephant (Stomp), Seal (Clap)
Track 2 – Vocals: Zebra, Cat, Rooster, Peacock, Dog, Hyena, Monkey / Percussion: Elephant (Stomp), Grouse (Wing Flap)
Track 3 – Vocals: Cat (Possessed?), Owl, Monkey, Hawk, Hyena, Dog who says “Elmo” (Allegedly) / Percussion: Seal (Clap), Elephant (Stomp), Grouse (Wing Flap)
Track 4 – Vocals: Lyre Bird, Cow, Bison, Sea Lion, Dog who says “Elmo” (Allegedly) / Percussion: Grouse (Wing Flap), Elephant (Stomp), Seal (Clap)
Track 5 – Vocals: Coyote, Eagle Owl, Duck, Raven, Dog, Donkey, Monkey / Percussion: Seal (Clap), Elephant (Stomp)
Track 6 – Vocals: Humpback Whale, Lyre Bird, Dog, Turtle, Cat / Percussion: Grouse (Wing Flap), Elephant (Stomp)