This summer, Mad Decent held their annual block parties, merking whatever large American city they set up shop in. In Philly, the show went off very well. The afterparty? If you were around for the Mad Decent Block Party After Party, you got to hear Mad Decent and Brick Bandits affiliate DJ Swizzymack showcase just how the Philly club scene goes off. It sounds reminiscent to the things DJ Sliink gets into, or the Baltimore Club movement. Lost of chopped samples, classic breaks, and loads of airhorns and sirens. For some reason, Swizzy felt the need to bring Compton’s Kendrick Lamar into that zone, with cuts like “Backseat Freestyle,” “Swimming Pools (Drank),” and “Poetic Justice” being thrown into that frantic beauty. All in the span of two minutes.

Enjoy. And if you dig this, check out Swizzymack’s Swaggyantz mixtape today.