Don’t call it a summer song. YACHT‘s new stand-alone single isn’t about a season, it’s about a state of mind, and with a warm electric bounce, it’s a state of mind you probably won’t mind visiting.

Read more about the song and video below and if you’re in L.A., celebrate YACHT’s 10-year anniversary on December 8 at the Echoplex.

On the song:

“Second Summer is a state of mind: overcoming obstacles in order to be close to what you love, a temporal place where sun never goes out no matter what season it is in your hemisphere. Like the original Summer of Love and its acid house revival, the Second Summer of Love, our aim is true: to create environments of total freedom.”

About the video:

“We’ve been unabashed fans of ADHD & Ben Jones’ work since his days with the art collective Paper Rad and jumped at the opportunity to channel his rare strain of visual damage into YACHT’s world. This video represents the ultimate manifestation of our spirit animal, the Smiangle, morphing from an impersonal signifier of mystical subtext into something completely alive, surreal, and psychotropic.”