The first 15 seconds of “Cold Romance” give little indication of what’s about to come. The track could have gone in many directions, but we’re glad it ended up on this path. Though it’s mostly built from electronic pieces, this song has something very human about it, with even the synths taking on a life of their own, shaking and pulsing like bodies full of nerves and blood.

PVT’s album, Homosapien, comes out February 8th. Pre-order it here.

Richard Pike on “Cold Romance”:

“This is probably the most electronic track on the record. It was sort of influenced by German minimal techno amongst other things. At least that’s how I think of it. This started with a nice moogy bassline that Dave sent over to me. I worked on some glitchy loops, and a melody and Laurence wrote a melody at the same time. Because it was so loopy the two melodies worked well together, one after the other. So, from there it was filling in the blanks with words, the hookline ‘I don’t wanna find a cold romance’ came up. It refers to not just a love going stale, but also not letting life going stale. I guess it’s a kind of ‘confessional’ lyric. I remember writing this one on my own in the surrounds of the Barbican centre in London. A strange futuristic (but retro) place. The surrounding fit in with the idea of ‘Homosapien’.”