Venezuelan-American soft-strumming songwriter Devendra Banhart has been a staple in our record collections ever since his 2004 single “At the Hop” turned a diner into the perfect loved-up hang-out spot. His new track “Mi Negrita” evokes many similar tones as that early track, with noisemakers and blips peppered throughout his signature strolling guitar lines. I don’t speak Spanish, but I did discover that “negrita” is a pet-name love word for dark-hair/dark-eyed/dark girl… and I’m a brunette so I’m definitely into this track.

Also check out his other two cuts “Never Seen Such Good Things” and “Cristobal Risquez” for more of the same, and if you preorder his new album Mala, you’ll get a free download of another song off the project “Für Hildegard von Bingen.” Out on March 11 on Nonesuch Records, this is an album that might actually launch Banhart back into the higher echelons of indie.