If you were to hear the eerie alien synths and booming 808s of “Machete” from a distance, you might mistake it for run-of-the-mill riot music–the sort of “tune in and turn up” music that has been both vogue and reviled in the years since Waka Flocka and Lex Luger resurrected crunk.

To dismiss “Machete” out of hand would be a mistake, one that ignores the impressive deliveries and words of emcee tandem Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus, collectively EarthGang. Tossing searing verses that burst well beyond the expected boundaries of 16 bars atop such knowingly confrontational production is a bold choice that pays off. “Machete” is an odd, intriguing beast, equal bits high energy trunk rattler and exercise in impassioned rapping. Give it a listen below.