At first, “Gloves” doesn’t jump out as your typical Swedish pop gem. It teases at something big to come, but doesn’t give away what this is. Then at 50 seconds in, the chorus breaks, and there it is: Swedish pop. Ugh, Swedish pop, you did it again. Fans of Miike Snow will enjoy this one. Nervous Nellie is two sets of brothers living in Stockholm, and “Gloves” is their U.S. debut.

The band’s Gloves EP drops February 12th.

“The idea for the song came after hearing an old Tom Petty drum pattern on an oldies station when out driving one day. After building the beat at the breakfast table the following morning the rest just came naturally. For every writing & recording process there is always that one defining song that helps decide the overall direction & vibe of the final body of work, this is that song for us now. We wanted to do something different from what we’ve done before & we are confident we have succeeded. The fact that Henriks wife finds the verses of “Gloves” to somehow be a little ‘icky-sounding’ tells us that.”