Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich treated fans to a Reddit AMA chat today, during which they revealed new Radiohead details, discussed Thom’s addiction to coffee and what collaborations may be in the works. “I very much hope so,” Yorke said when asked about teaming up again with Burial and Four Tet. “Both me Kieran and Burial are all as busy/ vague as each other.. Well ok Kierans more together maybe :) But we talks about it. in fact as usual i gotta write some words.” But that’s not the only joint venture. “We now have two tracks, one of which is identikit,” Thom mentioned when asked about recording with Jack White, though as of now they are both unfinished. “Err, we work slower than him (understatement)” Yorke added.

Fans also asked Thom and Nigel’s thoughts on the difference in sound between Atoms For Peace and Radiohead. While they agreed AMOK has a more dance tunes feel, Thom went on to say “that doesn’t necessarily mean it will bleed into radiohead. i miss getting stuck into those kind of melodies sometimes so…” Thom did elaborate a little more though on his writing process for AMOK, explaining “Amok was tricky , only cuz the lyrics came from a really different headspace, which took me a while to feel good about. but its the one im most proud of and gets me in the ass everytime. can i say that? apparently so.”

The duo then discussed the possibility of having Flying Lotus join them on the road again, stating “He’s a mate of mine! Hes so great. He’s a lot more popular now so im not sure he’d wanna but yes it was a great great vibe.” I don’t know Thom, we have a pretty good feeling he’d consider it.

Shortly after the end of their Reddit chat, the band decided to stream their debut album via their website. AMOK is set to officially drop on February 26, but you can hear it below.

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