Wampire Das Modell The Hearse

Wampire recently released their first single “The Hearse” to rave reviews — it’s easy to see why, the song feels like the Phantom of the Opera started a band and added synths to his strings repertoire. The brand new Portland, OR based duo fleshed out the track with Wolf Parade-style drums and a long, leering closer.

The initial track definitely veers off the mainstream highway into weird-synth-pop backroads, but their follow-up B-side is even more compelling. “Das Modell” is a Kraftwerk cover and delves into the ’80s gloom-pop of the electronic duo. Taking the synth notes and stretching them a little tighter, tuning them a little higher, Wampire add new energy to the song that praises a beautiful model in terse German. Plus, that stippled bassline will be unbeatable forever.

The 7″ containing both of these cuts comes out on March 5 through Polyvinyl and the band’s debut album Curiosity will be released through the label in May. Currently the band is touring with Foxygen and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Stream “Das Modell” below and check out their tour dates here.