Portland-based folksinger Alela Diane has been putting out intense, delicate folk albums for years now, but her latest effort About Farewell has a special edge to it. Today the singer/songwriter released the first official track off her fifth full-length album—”The Way We Fall” is a practice in lamentation, almost Psalm-like in its refrains and flutes.

What it sorrows over imbues the song with even more weight, Diane and her husband, Tom Bevitori have now divorced. Bevitori, along with her father Tom Menig toured with the singer on her last album, forming the band Alela Diane & The Wild Divine, a heaven-glancing appellative which was also the record’s title.

Now, she performs solo again, and if this track is any indication she will be just as divine on her own. Diane’s songs feel earth-bound, stricken with loss but certainly not defeated, there might be more to uncover down here in the soil than the last album dared dream. Stream “The Way We Fall” below and look for her new record out sometime this year—but we have confirmation that it will not be on Rough Trade as her last two were.