Remember Binary Star? With Masters of the Universe in 2000, the duo made an underground hip-hop favorite. Soon after, the pair went their separate ways, but in 2012 they reunited for a live show and now we finally have a new EP.¬†According to the group’s MySpace, this is just the beginning:

“Recently reuniting after a 10-year hiatus, Binary Star is back in the studio working on its long awaited follow-up to the classic debut album Masters Of The Universe. Tentatively titled Light Years Apart, the duo’s EP serves as a mere prequel to a full-length LP.”

The new material picks up right where the group left off, and standouts like “Love is Love” should make fans of Binary Star breathe a deep sigh of relief that unlike some underground acts that have tried to make a comeback, Binary Star still has something to offer.

(Potholes in my Blog)