A few thoughts to accompany the music that hopefully brings a little bit of party to your Sunday evening–or your Friday night, if you’re already thinking about next weekend.

As any genre develops, it inevitably consumes and repurposes its roots–“it” of course standing in for the singers, rappers, producers, and writers finding inspiration in the old, infusing it into the new. Nas warned us that no idea’s original (and we can bet he wasn’t first in that), but, of course, that doesn’t preclude unoriginal ideas from being really good ones.

To cut to the chase, EDM finds itself at an interesting juncture where it’s not only eating its own past (welcome back, deep house), it’s also taking bites from the recent pasts of others (you might have heard the word “trap” thrown around in the past year and a half). New York producer Cabo Blanco makes the most of this crossroads on his new The Feeling EP, blending trap, house, hip-hop, moombahton, and the latest in what you’d expect to hear on your Soundcloud feed if you’re a diligent club kid.

Though it’s only three tracks long, The Feeling covers a lot of ground. The self-titled opening track plays as a link between soulful house, big room club music, and the trap craze that’s been cresting since last summer; “Slip-N-Slide” introduces rappers SJ Beats and Doley Bernays to the mix for the sort of dark party music that might accompany a private party in a strip club hosted by Danny Brown; closing song “Real Love” samples Mary J. Blige’s classic of the same name to great effect, creating house both atmospheric and driving, a modern take that captures the emotional impact of the genre at its best. It’s a cool albeit brief journey that points to the producer’s promise and the possibilities inherent in electronic genres.

Stream The Feeling below.