A lot of people have a problem with the EDM variety of trap music. It’s understandable. Taking a genre of music so closely tied with a specific culture and stripping it of some of the key elements is a move that elicits some strong reactions. Words like cultural tourism, exploitation, and gentrification get brought into the conversation and things can get ugly,┬ábut if history is any indication, this kind of thing isn’t going to stop any time soon. In a way, it’s just a reflection of culture transcending the usual boundaries, and with access to so many subcultures and musical niches, you can’t really be surprised.

To complicate things even more, Moduloktopus pushes things a little further by drawing influence from “Turkey’s belly dancing folk grooves” and cooking it up into a brassy TNGHT-style trap cut that goes heavy on percussion. And yes, he’s calling it “Turk Twerk.”

“With the exotic blend of Turkey’s belly dancing folk grooves, he summons royal blasts of brass to give us the sonic embodiment of ‘Turkish Clubish.’ An Arabic celebration of floor stomping beats, glitch undertones, Baltimore Clap, vocalized percussion, ecstatic darbukka, and imperial brass bursts to make the crowds shout in unison worldwide. Featuring the artwork of Digital Vagabond, enjoy the Mideast beast these beats unleash under a sub-genre he calls Turk Twerk.”

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