Since our first introduction to Ibn Inglor on hisĀ GawdsSpeed tape, one word has best described his blend of deeply personal raps and hazy, washed out production: Dark.

New loosie “Gardens Grow” continues the trend, a sparse, eerie journey into the heart of darkness. Structured around a conversation between Ibn and a girl, “Gardens Grow” is both focused on the present and the uncertain future, an unusually accurate encapsulation of the all-encompassing anxieties that accompany the pursuit of a career in art, whether as a rapper, a producer, a writer, or any number of other positions that might leave parents shaking their heads and suggesting law school instead.

“Gardens Grow” is the sound of fear and dedication mingling atop a tightrope. Like the plainly titled “track 1” and “track 2” that preceded it, Ibn’s latest is succinct and all the more impactful for it.