Jamie N Commons, the London based artist who grew up in America and first impressed us singing the blues with a gritty growl has a new EP out, and you can listen to the title track, “Rumble And Sway,” below. It’s a slightly warmer, more upbeat affair than songs like “The Preacher” and “Devil In Me,” conjuring up images of whiskey soaked bars and foot-stomping fun with it’s piano and brass assisted chorus. While this is certainly an enjoyable, rollicking track, Jamie N Commons are better suited to the darker, more despairing end of the thematic spectrum; just listen to the Rick Rubin produced, cinematic howl of “The Preacher,” which is now up for free download here, and you’ll understand why we put this band in our list of 12 European Artists You Should Know About back at the beginning of 2012.

The Rumble And Sway EP is out now.

(The Line Of Best Fit)