Paying homage to tradition while keeping an eye to the future can be one of music’s trickiest balancing acts. Rap–with its particular evolution so deeply tied to technological limitation and progression–often runs of the risk of sounding antiquated when it draws heavily from older ideas and ideals.

Luckily, Joey Purp, Kami de Chukwu, and the rest of the crew-minded SAVEMONEY collective are finding ways to draw inspiration from the past and root it firmly in the now. Taking the formula of the slightly more classic-leaning “Still A Live” from July and tying it to a dark, thumping space-age boom bap beat, Purp and de Chukwu exchange impressive, lengthy verses, displaying the breadth and precision of the styles they’ve developed thus far on the amusingly titled “Illuminati Slumber Party.”

If the Illuminati are fans of good rapping during their slumber parties, can they really be that bad?

Listen to “Illuminati Slumber Party” below. This message was not paid for by the Illuminati, probably.

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