Instrumental music (for context, let’s limit the conversation to the world of “beat tapes,” which always seemed like a bit of a derogatory and limiting designation to me) can be a tough sell. Unless it is exceedingly abrasive, it almost always runs the risk of becoming background noise, a problem all too familiar to anyone who spends time on Bandcamp and Soundcloud sifting through the sea of Dilla clones and derivatives.

Lilacs and Champagne (producers¬†Alex Hall and Emil Amos) understand that producers like Dilla and Madlib are better served as inspiration for an attitude towards sampling and production than a strict template for how to make beats. Taking the disjoint sample haze of Dilla and Madlib’s signature work and marrying it with a bit more reverb and 808 thump than their stylistic forebears. It’s a winning combination for fans of instrumental music and one that forces a bit more attention than the average soul-jazz cut-and-paster.

Turn up the bass for greatest effect and listen below.