Rustie Press Shots 2011

Glaswegian dance music maximalist Rustie, who’s 2011 debut album Glass Swords still stands as one of the most interesting, coherent electronic releases of recent times, announced yesterday the surprise release of “Triadzz” and “Slasherr,” a double single that will come out on Numbers on March 18. While we’ll be able to hear “Triadzz” soon, you can let “Slasherr” slap you round the face with its rainbow synth stabs and club your head in with its upfront drums right now.

It was recently confirmed the Rustie has produced some tracks for Danny Brown’s forthcoming album OLD, along with SKYWLKR, Paul White, Darq E Freaker, and Oh No, and hearing tracks like “Slasherr” is getting us really rather excited to see what the two madcap artists have cooked up.

Download “Slasherr” from iTunes here.