Grip Grand produced a whole album using DOOM vocals and called it GG DOOM – But How?

And it’s beautiful.

When you’re taking on someone with a style as unique as DOOM, you’ve got to handle with care. One wrong move and the whole flow sounds off. One wrong move and the whole aura goes to shit. Grip Grand obviously knew what he was doing.

From Grip Grand’s press release:

“As a tribute to one of his major influences, Grip Grand went into a studio with a bunch of MF DOOM acapellas and 1.5 tons of vinyl. The result is this EP, which plays like it was produced, if not by DOOM himself, then definitely by a DOOMbot. This is what these songs should have sounded like in the first place, full of melodic, lo-fi loops and intricate audio collage. But they didn’t. So now they do. Enjoy.”

Listen to/download the entire tape below.