While some developer somewhere is probably conceiving a technology that will alter music consumption as we speak, the buzz word coming most often from the lips of industry folk and music techies seems to be “discovery.” We have infinite, imminent access to music at the moment; the issue for a few years now has been finding the alternative to radio that tells us what to listen to and why (if such a software unicorn exists).

Blogs like Pigeons and Planes and any number of others–from the aggregators to the so-called tastemakers–are supposed to serve as the great musical gatekeepers, all-seeing eyes alerting you to the latest and greatest. We’re expected to have preternatural senses for what’s coming around the bend, or, at very least, we’re tacitly expected to not sleep and keep our fingers ever on the trigger.

Sometimes a gem slips through the net here and there. We’re human. Well, most of us are. Not Khal. He’s an android.

So the humans among us didn’t find out about British singer/producer Bipolar Sunshine until this week. The good news is it doesn’t matter, because his single “Fire” is as good now as it must have been for those who discovered it four months back when it slipped onto Soundcloud. Sun-drenched and anthemic without being overly obvious, “Fire” combines reverb-y guitar, soaring vocals, a touch of rap, and even a sample from Girls to make every bit of its five minute run time worthwhile.