Welsh producer Ifan Dafydd has, in short order, established himself as one of the more intriguing production talents over the last few months. With a healthy helping of bass and the sorts of gorgeous, gauzy synths that have become the stock-in-trade of blog-ready beat makers, Dafydd has begun to cut his own path, already notching a remix for Emeli Sandé and building a healthy following on Soundcloud.

With vocalist Alys Williams (whose ghostly vocals last graced the producer’s stunning “Celwydd”) in tow, Dafydd dances Alys’ haunting voice across a suitably warm, spacious palette, chopping her vocals into eerie fragments both pleasing to the ear and cutting to the bone. It’s a winning combination that’s worked on both of Dafydd and Williams’ collaborations.

Give “Llonydd” a listen below.

(Mostly Junk Food)