Scuzzy garage rock enthusiasts King Tuff are following up last year’s self-titled album with a reissue of 2006’s Was Dead, and if you liked the raucous crunch of “Love Potion,” you’ll be happy to know that “Dancing On You” is just as messily carefree and full of life. The Was Dead reissue will be out May 28, and you can listen to two songs from it, and read what Kyle Thomas aka King Tuff had to say about his first record, below.

“This album changed my life in so many ways, as it slowly trickled out into the world. I never expected anyone to hear it, let alone connect with it. I never would have left Vermont, never met the boys at Burger Records or any of the other insane, beautiful, cartoonish characters that now populate my life in the best way. It’s an expression of my infinitely teenage heart and soul, and I’m really proud of it. So here it is again, thanks to Burger Records. These songs belong to the Strutters and the Stutterers, the Headbangers and the Stoop Hangers, the Ruthies and the Gold Toothies, and of course, the A-N-I-M-A-L-S…”