Lorine Chia has the kind of voice that makes you sit up straight and pay attention, especially with the powerful message behind her new song “Good Enough.” She’s been buzzing since Chicago’s latest almost-superstar Chance the Rapper collaborated with her for the track “Living in Vain” but Chia’s riding the crest of the wave on her own talent. The excellent production on the track by Audio Dope provides a futuristic backdrop for Chia’s undulating, majestic vocals and heart-rending lyrical message about the pressures of fame, society, and just life itself.

The thing about a singer like Chia though, is she can take a line like “You say we’re never good enough for you and yours / So now we’re done” and then pair that a little later with the defiant turn-around “We know you’re wrong”—and it all sounds as smooth as a club banger. Watch for Chia, she’s been getting some much deserved attention, and her debut album Lorine Redux is due out soon.