At this point, any Major Lazer fans out there are probably pretty aware that the group’s Free the Universe sees official release in a mere five days. In support, the illustrated dance floor hero has been dropping off free releases left and right to satiate listeners. Maybe you’ve even had enough by now and are thinking to yourself, “get on with it already, cartoon man!”

But complaining about good, free music is like complaining that the world didn’t get blown up by Kim Jong Un’s nuclear missiles: A bit silly.

Though 18 year-old producer BLKNGLD’s remix of “Get Free” isn’t officially sanctioned, it is both good and free. Taking a few select vocals from the original and running them through some tastefully stadium-status synths and enormous 808s, BLKNGLD turns out a mix that stands on its own or lays down the foundation for some enterprising rapper to hop on and spaz out (the 808 portions are more than a little reminiscent of Kendrick’s enormous “Backseat Freestyle”).

Turn your speakers up, pretend it’s already Friday, and listen to BLKNGLD’s “Get Free” remix below. And if it is already Friday where you are, get drunk and throw a chair to this. Even if you’re at work.