You can never become immune to music. It’s not possible. Even if you can’t hear, there is something so powerful about music that it becomes more than sound waves and rhythms. But when you listen to a lot of music, you get more comfortable with it. You get comfortable with the weirder places it can go, the jolting effects it can have, and the infinite amount of possibility that exists every time you press play. It becomes less often that you hear something that makes you go, “Oh, shit.”

Meg Myers did it with “Heart Heart Head.” Have you ever walked into a room and known, for whatever reason, that you were going to walk out of that room a different person? It happens sometimes—a turning point that all starts with opening a door, and the second you open that door, you’re aware that it’s coming. That’s kind of how “Heart Heart Head” feels when you press play.

There is something about to happen.

What happens from 2:50 on is one of those visceral moments in music that cuts through nerves. It might make you uncomfortable, but there is something thrillingly human about it.

Meg explains, “I wasn’t going for a certain style of scream or anything for ‘Heart Heart Head.’ It just happened the first time I performed the song live… I started screaming at the end of the song and it felt so good. We decided to keep it after that and put it into the recording as well.”

R.I.P. Lyon and Arrow