So much of successful rock is posture and attitude, being able not only to create a vibe, but to sell a world, whether small or grand. Particularly when the genre feels increasingly like an endangered animal (even as certain acts storm the charts and the Bon Jovi’s of the world refuse to evaporate into a memory of the 80s), much success seems increasingly reliant on big hooks and bigger visions, transporting listeners to a specific context. Come for the chorus, stay for the energy.

Australian duo Antonio Paul seem to be rapidly figuring this formula out, as their dance rock tunes conjure house parties seen through bleary eyes and drunken runs along moonlit beaches–whether you’ve actually experienced either matters little.

On new single “Trash Party,” they conjure bits and pieces of the Strokes, Kings of Leon, and Johnny Foreigner, crafting a sound capable of transporting or purely entertaining.

“Trash Party” is fun, big, and irreverent–sometimes that’s all you need.